Chiropractic Care for Acute and Chronic Pain

January 26, 2021

No matter if you’ve been dealing with a chronic, painful condition, or sudden acute pain, chiropractic care is an effective solution that gets to the source of your pain for lasting relief. Through hands-on adjustments and manipulations, our chiropractors have helped numerous patients find lasting relief from their various types of pain and debilitating conditions so they can get back to living their lives on their own terms.

What Is the Difference Between Chronic and Acute Pain?

Acute pain comes on suddenly, and its purpose is to alert you that you have sustained an injury. It typically doesn’t last long. Some examples of this type of pain include a sprained ankle or an accident in which there is tissue damage.

Chronic pain is the type of pain that just won’t seem to go away. If it lasts longer than three months, then it is chronic. Some causes for chronic pain can include arthritis or nerve damage.

Acute pain can also turn into chronic pain if it is not immediately or properly addressed. That is why it is so important to talk with a chiropractor about your pain immediately so that they can help you address it and solve it before it worsens and becomes too late.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments come with MANY incredible and healing benefits for all different types of acute or chronic pain, including:

- Back pain

- Shoulder pain

- Neck pain, including whiplash

- Foot pain

- Plantar fasciitis

- Wrist pain

- Sciatica

- Herniated, bulging, or slipped discs

- Joint pain

- Car accident injuries

- Migraines

- Nerve pain

- Knee pain

- And more

This non-invasive, drug-free treatment option is an effective alternative to other more conventional treatment methods because it addresses your acute or chronic condition at the source for long-term relief.

While some doctors will recommend medication to temporarily numb your pain, this doesn’t address the root cause, so over time your condition can worsen because it is never directly addressed.

Surgery is another option that many doctors will recommend to treat an area of need. However, surgery often opens patients up to the risk of infection, and there is typically a recovery period post-surgery that can last from days to weeks and even to months.

Chiropractors utilize gentle, hands-on manipulations to directly readjust and realign areas of pain and imbalance throughout the body. When one disc is out of place, it can cause tremendous negative effects in other areas, and extreme pain over time.

Seeing a chiropractor for your acute injury or chronic pain can help bring back your loss of mobility and function, while relieving your pain at the source.

Do not assume that your pain will go away on its own. Whether your pain is acute due to a sudden injury, or a chronic condition that you’ve been dealing with for far too long, chiropractic care is an effective, non-surgical solution that can help directly treat your pain for relief that lasts.

For more information about our chiropractic treatment options for acute or chronic pain, call our clinic today to set up an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

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