Living in Cheektowaga, New York: America's Most Livable Small City

March 18, 2021

Cheektowaga is a serene town and Buffalo's second-largest suburb. It is conveniently located near Lake Erie and Buffalo. The place is abundant with nature's beauty and welcoming residents and neighborhood. SmartAsset [] ranked Cheektowaga as America's Most Livable Small City in 2020. This is why Cheektowaga is a nice place to live in and move to.

Cost of Living in Cheektowaga

Cheektowaga's cost of living is highly affordable which is usual for western and central New York. Residents of the town spend less than average for all the things from healthcare to groceries, though they still have access to some of the region's best hospitals. Here are a couple of cases that show the cost of living in Cheektowaga:

* $12 for movie tickets.
* Average of $15 for a restaurant meal.
* A gallon of milk costs around $2.23.
* For most locals, utility costs below $200.

However, the most affordable cost of living in Cheektowaga is housing. The New York median home price is $286,300 and Cheektowaga is 65% less than that and only cost just above $100,000. Compared to the national renting prices and New York City prices, rent cost in Cheektowaga is cheaper and more affordable.

Cheektowaga's Neighborhoods

Aside from choosing a nice home, locating the preferable and conventional neighborhood community is another big factor. Cheektowaga is the Greater Buffalo Area's second-largest suburb that comprises several amazing neighborhoods to pick out. Here are several communities to look into:

* DEPEW: 15,000 people reside in one of the two Cheektowaga villages. 30% of the more or less 7,000 homes and properties in Depew are inhabited by families with children.
* BELLEVUE: Bellevue offers the town's most picturesque living and is perfectly located beside the Reinstein Nature Preserve.
* SLOAN: Sloan is the smaller second village of Cheektowaga. Almost 3,600 people reside in this area that is located on the town's east side. Sloan has a close-knit community with one-third of residents are families with children.
* CLEVELAND HILL: Locals often called Cleveland Hill as Cleve Hill. This is a suitable place for families with children since the Cleveland Hill School District is located in this community.

Weather in Cheektowaga

Cheektowaga's weather, like its surrounding environment, extremely changes from season to season. The town's summer season has a fairly high 80s average temperature which makes it muggy and hot. On the other hand, winters that have an average of 19-30 degrees temperature are fairly cold. Communities of Cheektowaga are also subjected to the effect of the winter's snow on the lake since the town is nearby Lake Erie.

Cheektowaga's School and Education

Cheektowaga-Sloan School District served the majority of the town. There are several high schools in the region with their own respective academic focus and community feel.

* JOHN F KENNEDY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: Aside from their meticulous core curriculum, they also offer numerous academically inclined clubs and opportunities for online learning.
* MARYVALE HIGH SCHOOL: This school boasts diversity in curriculum and student body. Special offerings include hospitality and technology courses.
* CHEEKTOWAGA CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL: Project Positive is one of the school's unique offerings. It is an enterprise that designs a framework for all of the student's positive learning environment.
* CLEVELAND HILL HIGH SCHOOL: Preparing the students for college is one of the objectives of Cleveland Hill. This is through a variety of Advanced Placement courses that are available for their students to explore.

Living in Cheektowaga

In addition to the basic information on education, weather, neighborhoods, and cost of living, Cheektowaga has numerous conveniently located interesting attractions and amenities that will provide the locals a significant reason to continuously love living in the town. Residents have easy access to nearby coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. You can also enjoy shopping at a popular shopping center like the Walden Galleria, Ollie's Bargain Outlet, JCPenny, Cabela's, and Target.

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