Have You Been Injured at Work?

the best chiropractic care for work injuries

Shockingly, most work injuries can be fixed by a chiropractor in Cheektowaga. Work injuries do not result from a serious accident, they occur from repetitive stress on certain points in the body and develop from overuse. In all cases, there are many possibilities for work injury in different fields of work. Most importantly work injuries can, and should, be treated before the pain is unbearable and needs surgery or develops into a condition that is untreatable. The article that follows includes risk factors for work injuries and how a local chiropractor is able to help you heal from an injury.

Repetitive Stress and Overuse Injuries

As commonly known, repetitive stress and overuse cause most work injuries today. Simple tasks done with improper posture will create painful problems after long stretches of time. From sitting all day and typing to carrying large boxes while bending over can cause acute and serious pain to sprout. Even with the perfect posture, stress from repetitive work for eight or more hours a day will cause lasting pain or chronic issues over time. Below are some repetitive stress injuries that occur today:

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Back Ache
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Slipped or Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis

The full list is extensive so, if you are experiencing, what you believe is, the start of an overuse injury or that you are at risk begin prevention with a chiropractic consultation. This could prevent a lifetime of pain that prevents you from living a full healthy life in the future.

Work Injury in Cheektowaga

The spinal column is the central bone structure in the body and is commonly impacted from work injuries. This is often the source of the pain since the spinal column houses the spinal cord. When there is a misalignment from repetitive stress on the body the nerve fibers in the spinal cord are affected and cause pain to radiate to specific points in the body that might not even be injured. Additionally, when joints and bones are misaligned, it can cut the flow of signals from the nervous system and blood from the cardiovascular system which can cause pain and create short term unawareness of injury and permanent damage in the long run to various systems in the body.

Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries

Chiropractors have great success when it come to work related injuries to the cause of the injuries is, for the most part, repetitive actions that misaligned bones in the body. The care that chiropractors are able to offer is non-invasive and safe. In order to pinpoint the source of the injury, the chiropractor will complete a thorough examination. Following, the chiropractor is able to create a personalized plan to aid you most efficiently.

The quicker treatment is given the more likely you will avoid future pain and the faster the pain can be relieved. Call the team at Jafari Chiropractic a Palmercare Clinic today to relieve your pain or prevent a future injury.


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